Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The love for not only a Sister but a Friend (rip sam)

This is for her.
Always remembered and NEVER forgotten or out of our hearts
You and I were so much alike. and i love you so much
Remeber the 3 hour long conversation about nothing.
about how we were not crazy....but CRAZEY
cuz crazey wasn't a bad thing it made us fun and who we are.
I'm really going to miss those.
But they will never leave my memory
I only got to really talk to you for a year.
Why are you alreast gone is something i'll never understand
But now you are with Daddy.
I hope you are happy and peaceful
i know you are.
So know that as I cry.
It's tears of sadness from missing you
But also tears of joy from memories of what i will always have
A loving sister who will always be watching over me


blessed be sam

  your sis

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