Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The love for not only a Sister but a Friend (rip sam)

This is for her.
Always remembered and NEVER forgotten or out of our hearts
You and I were so much alike. and i love you so much
Remeber the 3 hour long conversation about nothing.
about how we were not crazy....but CRAZEY
cuz crazey wasn't a bad thing it made us fun and who we are.
I'm really going to miss those.
But they will never leave my memory
I only got to really talk to you for a year.
Why are you alreast gone is something i'll never understand
But now you are with Daddy.
I hope you are happy and peaceful
i know you are.
So know that as I cry.
It's tears of sadness from missing you
But also tears of joy from memories of what i will always have
A loving sister who will always be watching over me


blessed be sam

  your sis

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Father's Day story.

I was 4 years old when my Daddy passed away. Poems and letters were written in memory of him and a tattoo on my shoulder with his ashes in the outline. Every year father's day was just another day to sign a card someone else bought for my now ex-step father. It was never a happy day for me while i cried and wondered why he was taken away from me. Every year on December 7th was also very difficult(his death date). The December of 2010 was different. I woke up and tuned on my iHome that was on shuffle. The first song that came on was Go by Boys Like Girls. A song about letting go and moving on with your life.I cried tears of sadness and joy that morning. I felt as if my dad was sending me that song as a messege. This weekend is Father's Day and I wear a necklace with his ashes inside around my neck. So he knows he is not forgot and is always loved.
the story continues...
I believe that when someone dies they give their love they have for you to other people that will come into your life so you are not alone.
I began dating a boy named Kenny Wolford on may 27th 2010 . And i know my dad gave him that love. But not only he got the love. His family also received it.
Kenny's father Erick Bognar has been so wonderful and cares so much for me. I am honored to tell the world he is so much like a father to me. Blood doesn't make a family. Love does. and Erick is my Dad. I hope he agrees. And I hope he considers me like a daughter.