Thursday, April 21, 2011

27th of May

My heart
and the pieces
Inbetween lived that were being lived and that wanted to be real
                                     that feeling
                                     the pain
                                     the fear
that was cried over the years
But you
      a person who had always crossed my mind
                                                          my thoughts
                                                          my dreams
and as crazy as this seems

               it was always you

picking up pieces
and just as if I was a toddler's puzzel
there was me
but me was now we
I was no longer alone
No more pain from this game
many more tears have fallen...

For joy
For smiles
For love
                 This love you show
                        The love you give


                                                                  Since the 27th of May.

april 20th 2011

©Jordyn McAdams

[ this poem is dedicated to my one and only Kenny. it's more of a freestyle poem and those are alittle harder for me to do at times. So I imagine myself in a huge poetry slam with the lights dimmed and the powerful emotion coming from each poet's creation]
{let me know if you like it.}

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